Membership Badges

By holding THiNG.FUND’s membership badge NFTs in your blockchain wallet, you will become a member of THiNG.FUND club, grow with the artist and share the joy and beauty of art. At the same time, as a member, you will also get more privileges, including but not limited to obtaining airdrop gifts for artists’ works prior, obtaining THiNG.FUND limited collections or being invited to participate in offline/online events as a VIP.

Premium Collector Badge

Premium Collector badges are very rare. This badge holder is the premium collector of THiNG.FUND, who enjoys privileges including priority access to artists' works, VIP privileges for offline exhibition events, etc. We will announce more rights and privileges in the future.

Premium Collector badges can be forged by gathering all 9 types of Community Member Badges and Fine Collector Badges. Please note: We will release a limited forging quota from time to time on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit our Discord community and Twitter account to keep yourself posted.

Community Member Badges

Having a Community Member badge means that you have joined the THiNG.FUND art community.
You will have the opportunity to get airdrop gifts from THiNG.FUND incubating artists' works and have more rights.

There are five types of community member badges, which are shown as letters: T, H, i, N, and G.
Meaning: Transcendent, Heavenly, Incredible, Nameable and Gorgeous.

Fine Collector Badges

Having a Fine Collector badge means that you have become an active member and collector of the THiNG.FUND art community.

Compared with community members, fine collectors will have a higher chance of receiving airdrop gifts and privileges, and will have the opportunity to obtain limited collections.

There are four types of collector badges, which are shown as letters: F, U, N, and D.

Meaning: Fabulous, Unreal, Noble and Delightful.

THiNG.FUND Amator Artis

Fan Badge

The artists and KOLs distribute the fan badges to their fans. It is a badge for collection only. Although the fan badge does not represent any privilege, it still means the mutual recognition, love and appreciation between the fans, the artist and the KOLs.

The fan badge is a static image, and the text "Amator Artis" means "Art lover" in Latin.

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