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Bio Info

  • Height - 152 cm
  • Weight - 47 kg
  • Gender - male
  • Skin - green hitin
  • Race - mutant human
  • strength 5
  • dexterity 9
  • intellect 10(max)
  • Two legs, two arms and little tail
  • Head thiner tha ussualy
  • Modified mouth - like a bugs jaws
  • Moving - on legs but in case of dangerous situation uses legs and arms
  • High jumping skill (like parkore)
  • Curiosity
  • From tribe RagDaali



Pa-N-Nan was born when the black flowers were blooming.

When he was 4 cycles, he found his first find of the Ancients. It was a small solid shiny plate.

Since then, he has explored every corner of the village in an effort to find more information about those who lived before the Age of Mushrooms.

And he found ...


After the apocalypse, some people took refuge in shelters, in an attempt to survive the disaster.

Many did not have time or could not. Under the influence of the changing external environment, those remaining on the surface over the years adapted to new conditions, as a result of which they acquired a look similar to insects.

Skills & Professions

  • Collectors
  • build
  • climb
  • craft
  • crawl
  • drag
  • escape
  • grow
  • jump
  • lasso
  • read
  • run
  • search
  • sing
  • slide
  • sneak
  • steal
  • wall run

Pa-n-Nan is the grandson of Kar-Po

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