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What is The Renascence

For those who don’t know what the Renascence is, we could use one sentence to summarize: the first-ever Sci-Fi series co-created by DAO. You will have the power to decide what will happen from that. By developing this series by DAO, you can create, vote, and collaborate with the community and artists to expand future possibilities.

The Apocalypse is always a heated discussion. As our living environment is getting worse, this theme is inevitable. Imagine what will happen after the Apocalypse. But humanity has never lost hope, nor will the fire of civilisation die easily. The Apocalypse survivors struggle to survive and try to sustain themselves in the harsh environment.

Our three artists: BHQS ChenBin , Shen X and JUSTICEleo created three factions from their perspectives of the future solution: Interstellarist(ISP), Rebuilder(R3), and Metascendee(MASC) are giving the starts through their artworks. ISP might choose to explore on Moon to find a place to live; R3 is trying to collect the remains of cultural relics; MASC may leave fewer persons to guard servers that load metaverse.

In the scope of The Renascence, what the future brings us, we might simulate or imagine the future in this co-creating DAO and hold the future in our own hands.

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The roadmap of The Renascence

Please note that this roadmap is still a draft, THiNG.FUND team might modify it without any notice ahead.
Status Date Objectives
2021 Q4
  • Mint and drop art NFTs.
  • First trial of co-creating DAO in Discord.
  • Co-creation database.
2022 Q1
  • Distribute factional badges.
  • Co-creation database open for curated operations.
  • Publish creation standard(Might integrate with an existing TTRPG system).
  • MVP for voting & governance mechanism.
  • Issue governance points to NFT holders and co-creators.
2022 Q2
  • Convert governance points to governance tokens.
  • Staking tokens and voting for creations on the blockchain.
2022 Q3
  • Commercialisation of the community selected creations.