Makes crypto-art the new trend of the cyberspace


We believe the pursuit of art and beauty remains unchanged in a decentralized world.

All are entitled to enjoy and collect artworks. The concept of decentralization provides people with equal and transparent opportunities to appreciate and invest in art. Nevertheless, it always takes time for new things to be understood and accepted. Born in the digital world, crypto-art is in the midst of this process.

THiNG.FUND is at the intersection of the traditional world and the crypto universe. Born in the crypto world, it also gathers top artists and art circulation experts. We serve artists exploring this new field, providing them with a full range of incubation services and growing together with them. 

We introduce outstanding
crypto-art to the world


We identify artists with skill and perspectives, providing them with investment, academic, technical and marketing support, and incubation services early in their career.

With an extensive art resources network, supported by some of the most authoritative artists, THiNG.FUND offers a better value expansion channel for everyone participating in crypto-art's creation, operation, and investment.

Discover talents

Our expert team strictly select promising artists based on their ideology, cultural and artistic refinements, skill and expression, and influence to provide them with long-term support.

Incubation operations

Our incubation services include academic guidance, technical implementation, display and marketing, and community operation etc.

Expand consensus

Leveraging our network, we expand the popularity and consensus of crypto artists and their works in the mainstream audience, including professional academic guidance, mainstream media exposure and online/offline exhibitions, etc.

Cultural dissemination

We value the commercial performance of artworks and art's important role in education and culture. Our collaboration with artists focuses on the interplay of the physical world and cyberspace and cultural dissemination across borders.

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