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Premium Collector Badges are available by forging now

The utility for Premium Collector Badge forging is now alive. It requires 1 for each Community Member Badges and Fine Collector Badges to forge a Premium Collector Badge.

We will deposit a limited number of Premium Collector Badges at this utility every now and then. 6 Premium Collector Badges will be available forging at 14:00 UTC, 17th Jan 2022.

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The Renascence: first co-creation Sci-Fi DAO is now launching

Many people are curious about one question: what's the future like? We saw space expansions, advanced utopias, post-apocalypse wastelands, cyberworlds, the retaliations from mother nature, the alien invasions, and many other great prophecies of the future. But as human beings, we could never ignore one true question among these oracles: what would humanity be?

Here, we proudly present you the Renascence, a series of creations that peeks into the future that combines multiple possibilities. The first batch of artists who behind these astonishing artworks are 3 out of 300+ candidates from the Crypto · NextGen Frontier Artist Selection co-hosted by CAA, iFeng Art, China Art Weekly, and Flow blockchain.

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Membership badges in NFT form will be issued

With THiNG.FUND’s membership, you will become a member of THiNG.FUND’s club, grow with the artist and share the joy and beauty of art. At the same time, as a member, you will also get more privileges, including but not limited to obtaining airdrop gifts for artists’ works prior, obtaining THiNG.FUND limited collections or being invited to participate in offline/online events as a VIP.

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The exclusive commemorative badges for the Crypto· NextGen frontier artists will be issued soon.

The exclusive NFT commemorative badges for the shortlisted artists in the first Crypto· NextGen Frontier Artist Selection Contest have been minted. Co-organized by THiNG.FUND, China Academy of Art and Flow, the contest got special support from Art News of China and Phoenix Art.

The NFT badges will be minted on the Flow Blockchain and permanently stored there. To claim the badge, winners must submit their information for verification and obtain their blockchain wallet address. Please follow the tutorial in this article.

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Famous artist Liu Qiyi joined THiNG.FUND

We are honoured to announce the onboarding of Professor Liu Qiyi as art consultant of THiNG.FUND. He will sit on the Jury of this Crypto· NextGen Frontier Artist Selection Contest.

Professor Liu is a famous oil painter, professor and Masters’ tutor at the School of Fine Arts of East China Normal University, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, director of the Oil Painting and Sculpture Department of Shanghai Huangpu Painting Academy, visiting professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and Tianhua College of Shanghai Normal University and Special Writer for Encyclopedia Britannica. His works include A Brief History of Cubist Painting, A Guide to the Sketching Skills of Human Heads, Sketches and Concepts of Western Modern and Contemporary Artists and Oil Painting Landscape Sketching and Creation.


Crypto · NextGen Frontier Artist Selection and Incubation Plan

This event is open to the young teachers, students, alumni and teams of the China Academy of Art and other universities, and free art creators. We accept artworks that integrate Chinese culture, cutting-edge creativity and digital creation to select the most outstanding creators and artworks. Combining cultural characteristics with innovations, we aim to explore the future of next-generation art.

Winners of this event will become contracted artists of THiNG.FUND and receive our professional guidance and global resources support. Their works can be converted into digital production and permanently stored in the Flow blockchain in the form of NFTs and promoted to global collectors.

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THiNG.FUND reached strategic cooperation with Points Center for Contemporary Art

We have recently reached strategic cooperation with Points Center for Contemporary Art to jointly explore the cross-field creation of crypto and contemporary art. The Points Center for Contemporary Art is committed to supporting the creation and recording of global contemporary art and promoting research into contemporary art and culture. Points’ major projects include artists’ residency, archive and database construction, exhibitions, and public education activities.

Its collaboration artists include Elias Perrig, Masanori Matsuda, Yui Inoue, Li Zhenhua, Yan Lei, Yuya Suzuki, Cao Kai, Yi Lian, Javier González Pesce, Zhang Chong, Mo Jiaqing, Zhou Tengchao, Minke Nouwens, Jan Misker, Carina Hesper, Halter & Marchisella, Song Xi, Yasuhiro Morinaga, Evelina Rajca, Yang Xinjia, Dane Lovett, etc.


Famous artists joined THiNG.FUND

Eight famous artists, including Qin Dahu, Bai Renhai, Zhang Dingzhao, Zhou Ruiwen, Liu Yici, He Hongzhou, Kong Guoqiao, and Feng Zhiguo, are officially joined THiNG.FUND as art consultants.

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