Tutorial on Claiming the exclusive commemorative badges for the frontier artists.

The NFT commemorative badges will be minted on the Flow Blockchain and permanently stored there.

To claim the NFT badge, you must submit your information for verification and your blockchain wallet address. Please follow the instructions on this page.

Please complete the blockchain wallet registration and fill out the form before 0:00 (UTC+8) on October 1, 2021.

Please note:

The issuance of NFT commemorative badges follows strict rules, and only shortlisted artists can claim them. 

Step 0

Visit https://thingfund.blocto.app/ or click the "Register" button to generate your wallet address on the Flow Blockchain.

Step 1

Click the "Start Creation" button to register your wallet address on the Flow Blockchain.

This wallet address exists on the Flow Blockchain. It belongs exclusively to you, and is not managed by any centralized platforms. Therefore, please make sure to keep it safe.

Step 2

Enter the next page, fill in your personal email address, and click the "register" button below.

Step 3

You will receive a registration email from "Blocto Service" (system@blocto.app), which will contain a 6-digit verification code.

Fill in the verification code, and you will be automatically directed to the next step.

Step 4

Now the system is creating the wallet address for you, please stay here and wait (this usually takes 1~2 minutes).

Step 5

When your wallet address is generated, you will be directed to the next page, where you will find your personal email address and the wallet address (a string of hexadecimal characters starting with 0x).

Please verify the information, and click "Confirm" after verification. 

Step 6

On this page, you can copy your Flow wallet address (click the button on the right side of the address bar).

Please keep your address properly. This will be your ID in the blockchain world and where your NFT digital assets are stored.

Step 7

Congratulations! You have completed wallet registration and generation on a blockchain.

Now please click the "Fill forms" button so that we can verify your information.

Step 8

Click the "Start Filling" button.

Step 9

Fill in the author name of the work that you submitted for the contest and click "OK".

Please fill in "team name + your name" if it’s team participation.

Step 10

On this page, please fill in the contact information you submitted when registering for the contest and click "OK".

Step 11

On this page, please fill in the wallet address you obtained in step 6, and click the "Submit" button.


  • Why do I need to register a blockchain wallet address?
    The blockchain wallet address is your account on the blockchain. Through this wallet address, you can fully manage your digital assets on the blockchain. Therefore, NFT needs to be stored in your wallet address as a digital asset on the blockchain.
  • How to check my NFT badges?
    You need to install the Blocto wallet to view your claimed NFT commemorative badges. 

    - Please visit http://blocto.app/ to download your wallet client.

    - For iOS devices, you can also install Blocto wallet through Testflight:

    - Android devices can directly download APK and install Blocto wallet:
  • Why should I submit my original contact information? What should I do if I forget the previously submitted information?
    We need to verify your information against what is recorded in our system during registration to confirm your identity. If you have forgotten the previously submitted information, please contact THiNG.FUND assistant (WeChat account: ThingFundOfficial) for verification.

  • When will I receive the commemorative badges?
    ​We expect to distribute them in early October. Please visit your Blocto wallet to check it out.

  • Are the commemorative badges unique?
    Yes, the commemorative badges are unique and will be customized according to the work of each artist. They will belong exclusively to the artists.

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